You Buy Used Cars – Why Not Used Tires?

In the US and Canada, there are just as many people in the market for used vehicles as there are for new model vehicles. If you have ever bought or considered buying a rigorously inspected or certified pre-owned vehicle, why not consider purchasing used car tires or used truck tires that have been similarly inspected? With a high-tread, premium-brand used tire, you are receiving world-class quality at a huge discount, just like buying that certified, pre-owned sport coupe you have had your eye on since high school!

Our Used Tires Get You More for Less

Today's economy demands that people save money wherever and whenever they can, which can lead to sacrificing the high level of quality and performance that you've come to expect.

At 2nd Spin Tire, you NEVER have to sacrifice quality and performance for the sake of a dollar. All of our used tires are manufactured by the world's top tire makers and priced 50-80% off new retail price, saving you BIG. Our brand name used car tires include:

  • Used Michelin Tires
  • Used Goodyear Tires
  • Used Bridgestone
  • Used Pirelli
  • Used Dunlop
  • Used BF Goodrich Tires
  • And many more!

Combined with our Inspection process and top selling best brands, you DON'T have to sacrifice on quality, you can have the best of both worlds! High tread used tires, Today's top selling brands! The best pricing! making your car - and your wallet - happy!

Expert Tire Inspection

Used tires for sale are subjected to a number of rigorous testing procedures that ensure the utmost safety, integrity and performance. tire inspection includes a thorough hands-on, visual overview by an expert, who examines critical elements of the tire such as its tread, sidewall, bead, symmetry, and more for any defects or factors that could compromise the integrity of the tire.